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VCDA 2022 Spring Conference

Addressing the Vermont Housing Challenge: ‚ÄčLocal and Regional Strategies for Success

The Vermont Community Development Association is an organization of individuals who are committed to working together on community development issues of importance to Vermonters. 

Through a variety of panels and peer-to-peer discussions, this conference delved into a variety of challenges and strategies, including:
  • How towns can use ARPA funds to support housing
  • Investing in rehabilitation to bring units back online in regions with an older vacant housing stock
  • Promising practices from municipalities implementing Zoning Bylaw Modernization grants to promote housing development
  • Making sense of new resources to kickstart housing projects

Event Management

Golden Consulting serves as Operations Manager for VCDA. In addition, we help plan and manage their Spring and Fall Conferences. Our event services include creation of a dedicated event page, creation and management of an Eventbrite registration page, management of email communications and promotion, and logistical administration of the event both in advance and on the day of the conference. This event took place on June 28th, 2022. Learn more at

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